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Let us start with Philippines. The official language in Philippines is Filipino, but you will be surprised to know that not everybody can speak Filipino. There are two main reasons for this: first of all is the fact that English is used in all aspects of people's life - be it for business, education etc. No wonder that even a little child can speak and understand English reasonably well. Secondly – there are about 110 different languages (including dialects) in Philippines and to be able to communicate people often use English (as it understood even by children). More less similar to Dagestan (part of Russia on Caspean Sea) – there are so many totally different languages and dialects (in different villages dialect varies!) that people in shops and even among themselves speak in Russian in order to understand each other. There are some mixture of Russian and Arabic (and even Persian words) in Dagestan - many Arabic words has been interwined in Russian language in Dagestan (because of Dagestani history) and similarly in the Philippines – English language interwined with Filipino words and selected phrases.

Similarity between cultures and customs in Russian Republic (such as Dagestan):

Family values are very important and treated almost above everything else. Family ties are of high concern for each and everyone in the Philippines with proper upbringing is the same as in Dagestan. In both countries quite often family members participate in the same business, own shares in the same holding, company…

For women in Philippines and in Dagestan to have proper family is very essential. And they will do their best to spend all their time, energy, skills and dedication to keep their husbands happy, to give the best possible care, love and education to their children.

If one looks into the Filippino and Dagestani background and the way they are being brought up you will understand that for them MORAL values are not just empty words. Modesty, tenderness, kindness and readiness to help, high ideas and unlimited loyalty and family orientated spirit and unselfishness dedication – these are the outstanding features that differentiate women from these countries. For them self-esteem is of utmost significance and they will do everything to 'respond' to standards and accepted norms. What differs with women in Dagestan in this matter is fashion – Dagestani women will spend their whole salary on beautiful expensive high-quality shoes or an elegant dress careful chosen. All are chosen in an excellent combination and selected with a hypersensitive sense of taste. To look nice and graceful, chic, well-dressed – is their pride and sort of inner responsibility.

Other important information about Philippines:

Capital of Philippines is Manilla. The currency in Philippines is the Peso.

According to latest statistics the population in Philippines is approximately 85 million. Main religions: most of the population follow the Roman Catholic faith, above 82%; Muslims – about 5%; Protestants – under 10%; Buddhist and the rest- over 3%

Main ethnic groups: Malay, Chinese and others.