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A wedding is a celebration that should stay in our hearts and minds forever. A wedding should not be mundane and ordinary, it should be so unforgettable that we have it imprinted on our minds forever and feel warm inside at the very though of it. This is how a true wedding should be!

If you want to have a wedding that is truly out of this world, it is actually very simple to achieve! "How?" I hear you ask. Well, all you need to do is to have an alternative style of dress, or to replace the usual Meldenson march with something a little more passionate, such as hard rock music for example! The guests will be amazed and you will never forget it. If, however, you think that hard rock music is a little too much to bear, then how about putting on one of your favourite songs that is also original and lively?

We conducted a painstaking amount of research into the subject of weddings and uncovered several marriage ceremonies that you could call 'out of the ordinary'. These ceremonies are famous throughout the world for their extravagance and significance. We found 'wild' weddings, 'fairytale' weddings, 'ethnic-style' weddings, 'exotic' weddings, 'retro' weddings or even 'time-machine' wedding and, last but not least, 'art-style' weddings. In the next few paragraphs, we will take you on a guided tour of these weddings and give you a report on the types of weddings that are out there for you to enjoy.

Wild weddings

We shall begin with the 'wild' wedding. This type of wedding requires you to be extremely brave, to cast away your inhibitions and to simply revel in the rush of adrenaline. The 'wild' wedding really does lives up to its name - it is so flamboyant and extreme! If you want your wedding to be in this style, you need bags of energy to be able to really let off steam and to party!

To be specific, a 'wild' wedding is not a standard marriage ceremony; it is an exuberant fantasy which brings with it a tide of pleasure. So, how does one achieve a wedding such as this? Well, you need to think about how you can make alterations to the typical wedding scenario. In place of a bouquet you could carry a wreath, for example, you could wear Gothic attire instead of a wedding dress or hire unusual transport like a fast, sports car. How about organising a banquet on a quiet country lane or in a surgery? You could add to the fantasy of the occasion by incorporating alternative pranks into the ceremony. For two whole days you and your guests will be kept amused! At the end of the day, a 'wild' wedding needs to do what it says on the tin - be wild! The idea of fantasy is to know no boundaries or inhibitions! Use this as a basis for your own 'wild' wedding!

Fairytale weddings

The next type of alternative wedding is the 'fairytale' wedding. As you can probably guess, dear readers, fairytale weddings are weddings that, yes you guessed it, are based on fairytales! Fairytale weddings are typically based on fairytales such as "Cinderella" or "Sleeping Beauty." The dresses will be reminiscent of fairytale dresses and the heroes of the fairytales will always be present at your ceremony. These heroes of the stories make for wonderful entourage. If you choose to be a Cinderella on your big day, then you will need a fairy godmother, a king and even some ugly sisters! Of course, you must have a wicked stepmother too. The crux of the occasion is the Ball, to which you will invite your 'handsome prince' - the groom. The celebrations end at midnight at which time a pumpkin-style carriage will draw up and whisk you away!

Ethnic or traditional weddings

The next type of wedding is the 'ethic-style' wedding. 'Ethnic style' essentially means national style. Ok, so what does this mean you ask yourselves? Put simply, if you choose to have a wedding in ethnic style, then the guests, the groom, the bride and the caterers must all be dressed in national costume. The entertainment at this type of wedding is in the form of rituals, customs and observations of traditional, national ways. The national cuisine, the unusual, age-old traditions, the caterers and the national attire, all culminate to make you feel as though you have stepped into the middle ages; as though you were one of your ancestors! This type of wedding can be carried out in the style of your own country's traditions, or it can be in the style of another country's traditions. Whichever you choose, you will feel like a true national!

Exotic weddings

The next type of alternative wedding is the 'exotic' wedding. An 'exotic' wedding is similar to a wild wedding. But where at the wild wedding you can be elaborate with your dreams, at an exotic wedding you can incorporate your hobbies. If you love parachute jumping, then go ahead! If you like motorcycles, then no problem! Tie some tins-cans to a Vampire and off you go! Just make sure you have a courtege for the motorcycles. The bride can be dressed in white leathers with a bandana on her head in place of a veil. The groom can wear tight-fitting, black trousers instead of a morning suit and a necktie. A bride and groom on a motorcycle with tin-cans attached to the back, What a sight to behold!

Underwater weddings

Have you ever heard of an underwater wedding? Well, this style of wedding is a type of exotic wedding! The couple's first kiss is underwater as well as the exchanging of the rings and even the signing of the register! To make the occasion even more exotic, you could have the ceremony on a desert island. Although whether you can call it a desert island after you have planned your wedding on it remains to be seen!

Retro weddings

The next alternative wedding is the 'retro-style' wedding. This style is in keeping with the period of the '60s to the '90s or even can go centuries back - in the period of knights and princesses. What can we say about this type of wedding? Well, the traditions, the music and the attire all are reminiscent of this period. The bride and the groom wear clothing that is typical of the time and the music and customs also conform to the period. Classic, ethnic and beautiful styles are all characteristic of 'retro style.'

Body-paintings: Western innovation

The final, alternative-style wedding is the 'art-style' wedding. If you know anything about art-style, then you will realise that if you have this type of wedding, you don't just need to be brave, you need to be very brave! Art-style involves decorating the body with special paints. Art style is contemporary in its design. The wedding attire consists of very unusual body paintings on neck, back, hands, arms and feet. The images can be almost anything depending on your taste and fantasy. Just imagine!

Artistic Weddings: Eastern Touch

Influenced by an eastern tradition called mehendi which means to decorate the bride's palms and feet. In Western variations it expands to the neck and shoulders. Imagine, a bride, with beautifully decorated hands, feet, shoulders and back, wearing open wedding clothes to demonstrate these artistic designs.

Of course, to have this type of wedding it is also extreme. It is very much an original and fun way to have a good time. To put it simply, if you are a creative person who is not afraid of anything and anyone, then why not go for it?

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