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What could be more important than having a family? I don't think that there is anything. For a long time, I struggled to find a man who would be a great husband and father to my children. I was always surrounded by lots of men and was never deprived of their attention but I just couldn't seem to find my soul mate, someone who understood me and loved me for my inner qualities, not just for my beauty. I sometimes felt that gorgeous women had a harder time than women who were plainer. I often noticed how my friends and acquaintances, who always considered me to be more attractive, managed to get married and have children, whereas I continued to be single.

One day, I decided I would take the matter into my own hands and seek out my 'one and only' my true love. I had thought, during the considerable amount of time that I had not managed to find anyone that, what if my potential man could be living so far away from me that we may never get the chance to meet? This would mean searching further than the confines of my native town. But how would I do this? I couldn't just head off wherever there may be some interest. There was, however, one solution - the Internet. 

I managed to find a matchmaking site which a friend of mine had recommended. She had found a husband herself through this site. I decided that if she had found someone, then so could I. Through the site similar to love nikah, I discovered lots of interesting information on how best to fill in the application form, how to strike up correspondence, how to build a relationship and many other snippets of advice which helped me greatly. 

I began to receive letters from an array of people and I hunted through them to see if my other half was lurking within them. One day something happened that I can only describe as a miracle. I found HIM! (Or he found me). His wonderful letter was the start of a beautiful relationship. Over time, we got married. It goes without saying that there were hardships along the way, not in our relationship, but in the fact that we could not be together as soon as we would have liked. It took time to sort out the visa, the documents, the emigration etc. Mind you, this was a drop in the ocean compared to what I got in return - a marvellous, caring and understanding husband. I had got myself a true family! 

When we are together it is nothing short of a dream! Naturally, we wanted to have a baby and, within a year, our dream came true - I gave birth to a son. I love him so much it is untrue! Now we are a complete family. It is difficult to describe what motherhood means to a woman. You can read thousands of books on parenting and children and think that you have a good idea of them but, when it really happens to you, your understanding is so far from what it is really like; there are no words to describe it. You need to have children to understand what a child is and what a family is! 

It goes without saying that children demand a lot of attention, care and love. A child must be brought up in a strong, caring environment; in an atmosphere of trust, sincerity and kindness. Every parent has their own idea of what constitutes good parenting. In my case, I believed that nurturing should begin from the moment that the child is born. I started singing lullabies to my son, conveying not only the words, but the melodies and the strength of my love for him. I wanted to let him know how important he was in the world, how cherished he was and what a lovely world he had been born into.

When he got a little bit older, I started to read him fairytales. I tried to choose the most riveting books; the most gentle fairytales ever. They had to convey thoughts on how the world should be, how people should be. The main thing for me was to feed my child my own milk. I sought a wealth of compelling fairytales, stories and poems for children on the site: dobrieskazki. This site holds a wealth of material for parents who want to nurture the best qualities in their children, to teach them morals and to allow them to discover the amazing qualities about their childhood. These books fill them with wisdom from a very young age (even from birth). This site has been my 'little helper' in rearing my son and will help me in the future when raising our daughter.

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