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After the formal questions about what a woman likes to do and where she lives, it’s necessary to move to the level of communication that happens between people who are close enough.

Russian women love romantic men. Therefore, it would be very appropriate to dedicate poetry to women in your letters. The poetry can be written by you or any authors who write about love, happiness and beauty. 

The poetry can give you an opportunity to discuss many topics with a woman. As soon as you write poetry or quote a part from it, note what especially you like there and how some lines of the poetry exactly convey certain feelings. Compare these lines with what you are experiencing or trying to experience, and compare the beauty, which is praised in the poetry, with the beauty of the woman – your mate.

The letters will be rich, interesting and romantic if you try to discuss what the author of the poetry would like to express, what they are dedicated to and what meaning they have. 

But these thoughts should be close to real life and to the living situations that you were experiencing, experience now or would like to experience. Therefore, it is better to choose life-affirming poetry with a positive meaning. 

Also, besides poetry, it would be interesting to discuss topics about other forms of art – movies, music and painting, everything that is somehow connected with relationships between a man and a woman. 

The backbone, beliefs and principles are the most important qualities of a man. It is very important to be able to demonstrate them in the letters, to talk about them and find out the opinion of a woman. It is desirable that your life principles coincide because the possibility of making strong relationships depends on it. 

Common principles and views on life create a special trustworthy atmosphere and affinity between couples; it is like two people create their own world where love and understanding live. Similarity of views on life is the cornerstone. 

It is also important for Russian women to know that a man feels confident and knows what he wants in life. 

Every woman wants to feel protected by a man, like behind a stone wall. Therefore, it is important to make your social status and approximate level of income clear to a woman. As the natural desire of any woman is to support her children (present or future) a man as the head of a family is considered the source of wealth in the family. If it is obvious to a woman that you are ready and able to support your family, it will give her a feeling of reliability and deep respect for you. 

Nikah, marriage Russian Muslim women... What can be more important than mutual love and harmony. Try to find a harmony between the spiritual and material in your letters, as you can’t underestimate and ignore any of them. Russian women have a complex nature with sometimes many contradictions. But nothing should be left without attention – it is the success of making a relationship with a Russian woman.