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Almighty tests our resolve. However a good family life has at it's essence 2 people who come together for a common purpose and agree to share their lives together. They should love the same things or agree to find out about those things which interest the partner and vice versa. Marriage is the cornerstone upon which a good family life is based and this is so regardless of culture or religious background. The essence of a good family life is respect for and agreeing to respect the human differences between people of different backgrounds or even of similar backgrounds. You must be able to relate to each other and the essence of romance is sharing and caring and the love should grow rather than diminish throughout he years. There is mutual interdependence an the one does not feel complete without the other. However their should also be respect for ones own individual private space. Trust is part of a true good family life and the ability to forgive slights or other minor indiscretions on behalf of a partner. It is natural to feel possessive over ones loved one/s and even a little jealousy is okay as long as it doesn't overwhelm the relationship. each partner must have a little space which they can call their own. Interests will inevitably be shared and the more the partners spend leisure time enjoying each others company it is a recipe for a good life. And the love and romantic feelings will follow and grow, and like a flower will continue to bloom well into old age.